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Why choose KECLB


HONEST & DEPENDABLE: The bases of KEC are Integrity, Impartiality & Business ethics, whether dealing with customers, suppliers or fellow team members. At KEC we consider Honesty to be not the best policy, but the only adopted policy. The Owners and Employees of KEC are in the General Construction business simply for the reason that they love it. They are entirely dedicated to each project as being a one and only project and take extravagant pride in the final product.


What we offer

2 EXPERIENCE: The Owners of KEC are all licensed Engineers in Lebanon and members of the Order of Engineers in Beirut and their Employees have many years of experience and a proven track record. Their experience ensures that their projects will be done right and with the upmost professionalism. They also use only proven and reputable subcontractors and material suppliers. Their body of staff also includes a vast number of Engineers, Interior designers, certified technicians and craftsmen covering all construction trades.


OFFICE MANAGEMENT: KEC completes the management of their projects with the top professionalism. Detailed estimating, proposals, permitting, and material/Subcontractor coordination are essential to a successful project. All execution processes and submittals are very well documented on soft and hard copies and available for all team members involved in each project to ensure the best flow of execution works.


COST/QUALITY/SCHEDULE: KEC endorse the golden triangle in construction takes pride in balancing all three vectors towards delivering the best quality in the proposed time frame and at the most adequate budget.
KEC attempts to assure their clients real value for their dollar at a profit sufficient to provide for the well-being of their employees. Their detailed proposals ensure clients that there won’t be any hidden cost and they know exactly what they are getting. KEC have a strong dedication to the principle that a quality product is its own best form of advertising. When KEC starts a project they commit themselves to get it done in the timeliest manner as possible. They use the latest tools, techniques, and technology to do the job more quickly. By doing their own site work, concrete, masonry, rough carpentry work, exterior finish work, and interior finish work, mechanical works, electrical works, excavation works, etc… they have better control of the project schedule and can expedite the project.


DESIGN SERVICES/PERMIT PROCESSING: Many of the projects that KEC completes are designed by them using latest software versions for civil/architecture/mechanical/electrical trades. In addition KEC provides their client with the service of preparing/following up and finalization of the construction permits with all corresponding authorities having jurisdiction.


SAFETY: KEC is sincerely interested in the safety of their employees, the public, and our operations. They have a Safety Program and their employees are continually trained on safety issues.

Architectural and engineering designs

Permit and document processing with legal authorities

General construction services, Civil, Arch, MEP, etc

Renovation and repair services

Project management