Offsite-modular construction

Offsite construction, also called modular or prefab, isn’t new to the industry. However, experts predict the building method will grow in 2017 as quality, time and labor concerns make alternatives to traditional construction methods more attractive. “There’s always an emphasis on condensing the construction schedule of a project and saving cost — two very important […]

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loT Holds the potential to revolutionize the job site

The Internet of Things encapsulates several aspects of the construction tech landscape, including equipment and employee tracking, wearables, drone surveying and other information collected on the job site. As contractors and subs continue their quest to cut costs and improve efficiencies, many are turning to IoT options to improve site operations. Garrett Harley, director of […]

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VR-AR Tech will pick up steam

Virtual and augmented reality technology is one of the most buzzed-about trends in the construction tech space, as it can enhance collaboration among project stakeholders before building begins. VR and AR can allow the construction team to detect errors ahead of time and avoid costly mistakes. They also have the potential to improve job site […]

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