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About Us

Established in 2012, Khoueiry Engineering & Contracting (KEC) has advanced into becoming a well reputed and multi functional contracting company, preserving a noticeable position among the mid-sized engineering & contracting companies in Lebanon.

Having had a successful, yet brief, history of contracting practices, KEC has successfully designed, managed and executed a variety of projects in the private sector covering residential buildings, houses, renovation works in hospitals, etc… KEC’s scope of work shelters all the disciplines in the construction industry such as civil/concrete works, finishing/architectural works, mechanical works, electrical works, special construction applications, etc…

The firm also owns a set of heavy and light construction equipment and materials such as excavators, trucks, Pickups, concrete vibrators, welding machines, binding and cutting machines, electrical generators, concrete mixer trucks, shovels, compressors, port cabins, compactors, bobcats, formworks, metal scaffolding, etc…

By acknowledging the concept of the continuing learning process in engineering and contracting through the exposure to the professional experience in the local market, KEC commits itself and its administrative and technical staff to deliver high end executed construction projects to its clients. KEC has the capability of meeting the demands of a vast range of project characteristics.

KEC’s mission and vision is simply to keep on growing to be able to provide excellence in engineering and construction to a larger pool of satisfied clients with a spirit of honesty and goodwill.

Managing Partners

Youssef Khoueiry
Mechanical / Engineering Management
Fadi Khoueiry
Civil Engineer / Structural Engineer
Dominic Khoueiry
Civil Engineer / Construction Engineer

Business Partners